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Jun 21, 2010

Still a feeling bit queasy about buying a new car? Chill. Seven of the ten brands which topped J. D. Power and Associates' recent initial quality study in the picky US market are sold in the Philippines.

The study released by the global information firm showed that Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Volvo recorded the least number of problems within the first 90 days of ownership. The study is used by car manufacturers to make improvements on their vehicles as it is believed to be "an excellent predictor of long-term vehicle durability."

"Getting initial quality right on model launches can serve dual purposes for automakers--boosting profitability and also inspiring consumer confidence in the overall quality of their models," said David Sargent, vice president of global vehicle research at J. D. Power and Associates. Car News - J. D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study 

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The firm measures a brand's IQS based on the number of problems encountered per 100 cars. The lower the number, the better the brand. J. D. Power and Associates noted improvements in Mercedes-Benz, up to second place from last year's 14th place; Lexus and Ford, which landed in the top five for the first time in the study's 24-year history; and Mini, which posted the biggest decline in reported problems.

It also recognized the significant drop of Toyota, which fell to the 21st place this year from sixth last year.

"Clearly, Toyota has endured a difficult year,"Recent consumer concerns regarding Toyota's quality are reflected in the nameplate's performance in the 2010 study. That said, Toyota's success was built on a well-deserved reputation for quality, and there is little doubt that they will do everything possible to regain that reputation."

Toyota is the most popular brand in the Philippines based on sales. Click this link to view the latest car sales data in the Philippine automotive industry.

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