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Snippets of our first review of this now-discontinued legend
Isuzu was arguably the first manufacturer to aggressively market an AUV as a quasi- premium product to the Filipino consumer. Fancy body kits, and chunky all-terrain tires mounted on butch alloys caught everyone's attention. Inside, things look even more promising
Yes, it's possible
One of the best love stories I know involves a soldier, a doctor, and a make-believe war in a make-believe country-complete with characters behind the wheel of a self-driving Genesis and a bad-ass Tucson. And that's
Prepare for ninjas chopping onions
I remember my dad telling me that he wants an Isuzu MU-X. I coughed and asked him if it was a new pair of shoes he's been eyeing before changing the topic. Of course there's nothing in this world
Some significant bumps
Another day, another updated price list. This time, it's from Isuzu, and this list should be of particular interest to many of you out there.Today, Isuzu Philippines released its new prices inclusive of the new excise taxes under the Tax
An ode to the Isuzu Crosswind, Mitsubishi Adventure
On most Top Gear photo shoots, curious onlookers stop to ogle the cars, security guards rush out asking for permits, and half a dozen editors stand around shooting artsy pics for their Instagram accounts. Here, the only sound is the snickety-snick
Here's a circular from the LTO that clarifies things
As it turns out, the shelf life of Euro 2-compliant vehicles has been extended by a little bit thanks in part to this development. This is a follow up to the our recent Euro 4 story.According to the memorandum circular
Euro 2 extension expires this December
Don't panic, people. If you own an older vehicle, even one that is only at the Euro 2 emission standard, you can still register it at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) next year.After we wrote about Isuzu Crosswind's swan
Here's why you should care
During a nostalgic road trip to the northern tip of Luzon to celebrate the final run of the Isuzu Crosswind, we got to chat with Joseph Bautista, Isuzu Philippines division manager for marketing and sales, about the impending shift to the Euro
Are you certain it's coming from your tires?
Hi sir Ferman,I recently bought a secondhand 2009 Isuzu Crosswind XT. After three and a half months of short- and long-distance driving, I heard a squeaking sound coming from my tires. At first I thought of it as something just
Because why not?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.This video shows an Isuzu Crosswind slaloming through a set parking cones...wait, what? You might be wondering what the purpose of this experiment
The ultimate MPV face-off
When it comes to people movers, few cars have the long-standing reputation that the Isuzu Crosswind and Mitsubishi Adventure enjoy. If you're driving around town, chances are you'll come across one of these MPVs somewhere along the way. These
We get back in touch with our roots
Somehow, a long provincial road trip seemed a fitting introduction to the "new" Isuzu Crosswind. Mostly because, like the Crosswind, towns like Baler appear timeless. Sure, there's the veneer of modernity there, but underneath it's still a sleepy rural town.
It could be obsolete real soon
If you're a music lover, driving music is as important to you as the vehicle's air-conditioning system: The trip would simply be the most uncomfortable and most awkward drive one could ever imagine. And if you love your driving
It keeps going and going and going...
Now on its 14th year, the Isuzu Crosswind has once again been updated by Isuzu Philippines, equipping it "with attractive features that definitely set it apart from other AUV models on the market today."For 2015, the Crosswind has a new one-
Let's review the MPV's milestones
The MPV sure is a highly popular vehicle choice in our market. Early last year, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines rolled out its 100,000th unit of the Adventure. This 2015, another Japanese carmaker is marking that same milestone for its utility vehicle.Isuzu
See what the joke was
Last night, Isuzu Philippines Corporation held its annual media thanksgiving party at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. As usual, it was well-attended and the atmosphere was lighthearted. Everyone came to have a good time, a testament to the good relations the
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Hi, sir Botchi. We\'re a family of six. However, my older brother is an OFW so he\'s not here often, and the sixth member is a one-year-old angel. It\'s going to be our first purchase of a
Still selling like hotcakes
The Isuzu Crosswind may be an aging vehicle, but it remains a best-seller, according to Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC).During a road trip to Pampanga this week with a small group of media, IPC revealed that based on official sales reports,
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