Let’s hope things in Europe settle down
Don't hold your breath for lower gas prices any time soon-at least not before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine settles down in Europe.According to a report by BBC, tensions between the two European neighbors are driving global oil
The growing demand on a global scale could make the situation worse
Many of us have been feeling the effects of the rising fuel prices here in our market, especially after seeing significant increases for three consecutive weeks. The future still looks bleak in this regard, because the situation remains volatile on a global
Anyone trying to sell oil must now pay the buyer more than $30 for each barrel
Fuel prices the world over are starting to drop quickly, thanks in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic that's forcing people to stay indoors. While that may seem like a good thing for us consumers, there's really nothing
Starting tomorrow morning
You might want to gas up on your way home tonight. Some fuel-station chains are expected to implement fuel price increases starting tomorrow. This follows drone attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities in the Middle East over the weekend.Petron, one
It was fun while it lasted
Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it looks like might have to start shelling out extra at the pump again. A report by The Philippine Star says that the government is looking to impose more taxes on gasoline and diesel-
We discuss relationship between the two
One day, the Chief asked me: "What do low gasoline prices mean for the auto industry?" I was tempted to go with the simple reply: "Better car sales."Unfortunately, it's not that simple. In fact, for the past two decades, record-
You like?
With today's gasoline prices now selling at close to P60 per liter, a lawmaker has proposed a move to exempt the sale or importation of petroleum products from value-added-tax collection. Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito (San Juan City) filed House
Too good to be true?
With the unabated fluctuation of oil prices in the Philippine market, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV wants a bill to be passed that would not only limit the profits of petroleum companies but also tax the latter's excess profit."With the oil
Could this be the end of surprise fuel price adjustments?
Call it coincidental but the most recent oil price hike came just as a solon filed a bill that will push all fuel companies to become more transparent with their pricing practices.If House Bill 4893 authored by Rep. Romeo Acop of
The best piece of news to ever come out of Congress?
A lawmaker wants to reinstate the value-added tax (VAT) exemptions on the sale of petroleum products and electricity "to provide relief to consumers from the ill-effects of the unabated increase in oil prices."Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David of the
What's next, auto industry?
It looks like car companies need to work double time to boost the availability of electric vehicles in the world market if the latest documents released by WikiLeaks are to be believed.Citing exchanges between Washington and the US embassy in Riyadh,
For diesel and regular gasoline
Motorists may want to hold off their trip to the fuel station until after midnight as oil firms announced a rollback scheduled for December 1.The early Christmas gift from oil firms comes in a 25-centavo per liter reduction on the
Time to fuel up!
Petroleum companies Pilipinas Shell, Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) and Seaoil Philippines reduced the prices of their gasoline and kerosene products by 25 centavos per liter.The price adjustment reflects the movement in the international oil market, Seaoil said in its media advisory.
Second rollback this week
Fuel prices are going down for a second time this week as the price of oil continues to slide in the international market.The country's biggest oil players have announced plans to roll back the price of fuel by 50 centavos
How's that for a bit of good news to start your day?
Oil companies slashed fuel product prices by as much as 75 centavos on Tuesday to reflect the movement of petroleum prices in the world market.Premium gasoline, diesel and kerosene from Chevron, Shell, Seaoil and Petron are now lower by 75 centavos
We can hear you groaning again
Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) and Seaoil raised fuel prices following price movements in the global market.Premium and unleaded gasoline from Chevron and Seaoil are now 50 centavos more expensive, while regular gasoline prices are up 75 centavos. Diesel prices are up
What a way to start the week<br />
Oil firms delivered good news early Monday as they slashed P1.50 off the price of gasoline and diesel products.Oil companies which have implemented the rollback are Pilipinas Shell, Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex), and Total.The rollback was implemented "to reflect
A bit of good news on a Monday morning<br />
The week has started on a good note for motorists as oil firms have reduced pump prices to reflect the downtrend in the price of fuel in international markets.Pilipinas Shell reduced the price of its gasoline products by 50 centavos per
Bad news for those about to gas up for the week<br />
Time to head on to your favorite fuel station<br />
Drive your kids to school with a tank full of fuel with fuel prices down by as much as 50 centavos per liter.Oil firms implemented the pump price rollback on Tuesday with the decline of oil prices in the global market.
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