5 Things we want to see in the new Nissan Terra

The midsize SUV will be unveiled soon
by Drei Laurel | Nov 20, 2020
PHOTO: Nissan

Boy, has Nissan been keeping the industry busy the past few weeks. First, it was the Z Proto, and not long after that, the Japanese carmaker pulled the wraps off the refreshed Navara. Now, we’re all waiting eagerly for its next reveal: The new Terra.

Disclosure first. We aren’t 100% sure that the vehicle the brand is teasing is a refreshed Terra. But while Nissan hasn’t made anything official, what we saw in the teaser suggests its next drop will be the updated version of the midsize SUV.

Anyway, we’re all currently in the speculation phase leading up to the vehicle’s reveal. The fun part about this is we get to speculate and hope Nissan delivers. Here are a few things we hope to see when the new Terra is unveiled next week:

1) We hope it doesn’t look like a Navara

Don’t get us wrong—the new Navara is quite the looker. In fact, we went as far as to suggest it may be the most handsome offering in its segment. We’re just crossing our fingers that Nissan has something else to offer visually when it comes to the Terra, despite the two models sharing the same platform. Remember back when all the midsize SUVs coming out looked almost identical to their pickup counterparts? Yeah, we don’t want to go back to that.

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2) An overhauled interior

Speaking of things in midsize SUVs that are identical to the trucks they’re based on, the current-gen Terra’s cabin is identical to the current-gen Navara’s. At the very least we hope that the Terra will offer a little more refinement, and the best-case scenario is it brings a completely different cabin experience to that of the Navara. Some things we really want to see include that fancy new steering wheel we saw a few weeks ago and a new infotainment touchscreen setup.

3) Introduce a more rugged variant

When the brand unveiled the new Navara a few weeks ago, it also introduced a rugged new Pro-4X variant with a drastically more rugged vibe. We want to see the same thing happen to the Terra. Come on, Nissan. Give us the good stuff—a bold take on the grille, badass wheels, maybe a suspension upgrade or two, and perhaps a few extra 4x4 features.

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4) Telescopic steering adjustment

Nissan, please, for the love of all things automotive we hope you’ll offer the new Terra with telescopic steering adjustment in the Philippines. Power adjustable seats are nice, but sometimes this feature just doesn’t cut it. A lot of your customers are on the short side in this market, and we aren’t going to be magically growing longer arms every time we get behind the wheel. Frankly, this should be a segment standard already.

5) A power liftgate

To be honest, we can totally do without this one. If Nissan wants to keep up with competition like the refreshed Toyota Fortuner and Ford Everest, it would do well to bring the feature in the top-spec variant as both of its rivals have it in the Philippines.

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PHOTO: Nissan
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