Question: Is this beast a Toyota Hilux or a Fortuner?

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by Drei Laurel | Jan 3, 2020
PHOTO: Atoy Customs

No, this automotive Frankenstein’s monster isn’t some hastily conceived piece of Photoshop trickery from the depths of the Internet. It is, in fact, an actual working vehicle, and is a product of the Atoy Customs garage in Quezon City.

The question is: “Is this a Fortuner that’s had half its roof chopped off, or a Toyota Hilux that’s borrowed the face of Toyota’s hot-selling midsize SUV?” The answer lies in Instagram. Look:

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According to Atoy Customs’ Instagram profile (and the not-so-obvious badge on the side), the answer is the latter. Atoy Llave has taken time off from Manila-proofing celebrities’s Nissan Urvans and Hyundai H350s for this, and let us all acknowledge how damn impressive the outcome of his latest experiment is—the two vehicles manage to blend in together almost seamlessly.

Frankly, this looks like it’d fit in Toyota’s current lineup perfectly. And to think the Japanese car manufacturer went through all the trouble of actually trying to differentiate the two vehicles from each other as much as possible this generation.

This is genuinely impressive stuff. Want to see more insane builds? How about this Honda Civic Type R pickup or this homemade Tesla Model 3 pickup? What other nameplates would you like to see perform a Fusion Dance, à la Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Z?

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PHOTO: Atoy Customs
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