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Would you still buy a car if it arrived at the port frozen in ice?

Thank god it doesn’t snow here
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

Well, this should be a chilling sight for car lovers who reside in warmer climates. Footage posted by the South China Morning Post on its official YouTube channel shows a fresh batch of vehicles arriving frozen at a port in Russia a few days ago.

By the way, when we say frozen, we aren’t talking about a little sheet of snow or some icicles forming, either. The cars are literally encased in ice. Frankly, these rides look like Mr. Freeze went to town on them on the way over. Watch:

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The YouTube channel doesn’t provide much context about what’s going on in the clip. A Russian news site, however, reported that the ship named the Sun Rio departed from Busan, South Korea a couple of days before this footage was captured.

It’s kind of difficult to tell exactly what cars are being unloaded in the video, but we think we get a glimpse of a Honda Jazz sitting on the deck of the ship. So, let’s play a game. Let us know in the comments what models can be seen in the clip.

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PHOTO: South China Morning Post
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