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Size comparo: How big is the all-new Honda HR-V?

Versus the Coolray, the ZS, and the Corolla Cross
Honda HR-V and Geely Coolray and MG ZS size comparo

Honda Cars Philippines has finally launched its all-new HR-V. This is the third generation of the Japanese carmaker’s subcompact SUV, which now features a more premium-looking design language. In terms of exterior size, it’s a smidge longer, wider, and lower than the model it replaces. We’ll take a closer look at the new model’s dimensions and see how it stacks up against its rivals.

Honda HR-V vs. Geely Coolray and MG ZS

How big is the all-new Honda HRV-?

Let’s compare the HR-V against two very popular subcompacts: the Geely Coolray and the MG ZS. Since all three high-riding urban runabouts belong to the same segment, it’s not surprising that only a couple of millimeters separate each of these small sports utility vehicles.

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For this comparison, we’ll be using the HR-V’s S variant. At 4,330mm long, 1,790mm wide, and 1590mm tall, it has the same length as the Coolray, but is 5mm narrower and 19mm lower. When compared with the ZS, the all-new HR-V is 7mm longer, 19mm narrower, and 63mm lower. The small Honda SUV rides on a 2,610mm wheelbase; this is 10mm greater than the Coolray’s wheelbase and 25mm more than the ZS’s.

As for tires, the HR-V’s 215/60 R17 rubber has a diameter of 27.2 inches. This is 0.1 inch less than the Coolray’s tires, and 0.9 inch larger than the ZS’s rollers.

Honda HR-V vs. Toyota Corolla Cross

Honda HR-V and Toyota Corolla Cross size comparo

Now that we’ve compared the HR-V to its fellow subcompact competitors, let’s check out the tale of the tape against the larger Corolla Cross. While the Toyota is a larger vehicle built on a C-segment platform, the two overlap with each other in terms of pricing. 

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So, for the dimensions: The Honda is 130mm shorter, 35mm narrower, and 30mm lower than the Toyota. Despite the significant difference in its overall length, the HR-V’s wheelbase is only 30mm shorter. And while the HR-V is smaller in all directions, it has the same wheel and tire size as the Corolla Cross.

The P1.25-million non-turbo 1.5 S CVT is the HR-V variant that’s priced closest to the Geely Coolray Sport Limited (P1.258 million) and the MG ZS T Trophy (P1.158 million). You need to spend an extra P348,000 to get the turbocharged HR-V, which is priced at P1.598 million.

Meanwhile, the HR-V 1.5 S costs P53,000 less than the larger Corolla Cross 1.8 G. Both are powered by naturally aspirated engines, but the larger Corolla Cross gets a bigger 1.8-liter mill. Unlike the HR-V, Toyota’s compact crossover has no turbo variant—instead, it has a hybrid variant that costs P67,000 more than the turbocharged HR-V.

Would you choose the all-new HR-V over the Coolray, ZS, and the bigger Corolla Cross? Let us know in the comments. Also, you can check out our full guide to the Honda HR-V here, and watch our first drive here.

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