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Is this Nissan Z S30 chair the missing piece to your home-office setup

PHOTO: Nissan

If upgrading your home-office setup was one of your first priorities when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we’re willing to bet buying a proper chair was something you set your sights on.

Depending on your budget, it’s likely you’ve ticked this item off your checklist already. With this, we ask: Would you trade your fancy new ergonomic chair for this much less practical and comfortable one commissioned by Nissan? Look:

Nissan Z S30 chair

The sound of the Nissan Z’s revs will get your heart pumping for a local release

No fancy height adjustment, reclining feature, or lumbar support here. Just some classic wood, fine Japanese craftsmanship, and a car seat. The chair’s legs are shaped like the Japanese car manufacturer’s ‘Z’ logo, and the seat comes from a Z S30 with upholstery that’s similar to what’s found inside the actual sports car.

The company says its licensing team and heritage vehicles department was “heavily involved” in this chair’s design process. The back of the seat even features a badge featuring the ‘Z’ emblem.

Frankly, the thing doesn’t look like a very comfortable piece of furniture to work from for hours on end. We’d still take it over most other vanilla office chairs, though. Do you agree with our sentiment?

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PHOTO: Nissan
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