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Here are some of your most unpopular automotive opinions

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Have you ever chimed in on a conversation only to be met by scoffs and rolling eyes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone—because the car scene can, at times, be a very divisive one.

Every car guy out there has at least one opinion about the auto industry that’s sure to grind gears, and that’s perfectly fine. Who wants in on a hobby where everyone’s always in agreement, anyway? Sounds pretty vanilla, if you ask us.

With this in mind, we asked our readers to share their unpopular car-related opinions with us. You can check them out below. Oh, and by the way, walang pikon dito.

Unpopular automotive opinions

It's not worth lowering your car to look ‘cool.’ Enjoy driving diagonally over those speed bumps.

Those custom speakers and giant subwoofers on your trunk that goes booovooommzz are so tacky and not practical. It also makes your music sound distorted.


I personally like keeping the original design and body work intact as a way to respect the car’s designer. But the engine performance and interior is another story.

Straight piping your car makes you a jerk to your neighbors and not a car god.

 - Jodi Nebrida

Loud pipes do not mean you're faster.” - Harold Ian Baingan

Many of our readers say they bought their cars out of necessity rather than want

Used cars aren’t that bad.” - Dean Tan

Sa customization: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.” -Marvin Ocampo

Buy the car that you want regardless of resale value.” - Romeo Nacpil Jr.

The previous Civic version looks better than the latest model.” - Lawrence Boringot

“‘Lady-driven’ is not part of the car specs and will not ever increase your car’s resale value.” - Mark Anthony Doran

That number coding is effective.” - Van Santa Maria

No point getting a 4x2 pickup/SUV.” - Randolph Danas

That ceramic coating is just a marketing ploy that you avail of and end up justifying despite being unable to differentiate the result.” - Tops Marin

Stigma on lady drivers should be gone.” - Nachie Cabantog 

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PHOTO: TopGear.com
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