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Watch: These 10 public transportation systems are fine examples of commuting goals

Based on feedback from you guys, our readers
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Recently, we asked you guys what you thought were the best public transportation systems in the world. You know—clean, efficient, organized, and relatively easy to grasp commuting experiences based on your travels abroad.

Well, you guys got busy in the comments section, all right. We received plenty of feedback from those of you who’ve been around places like Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Amsterdam, and Taiwan.

Now, Tokyo we’ve been to on numerous occasions on account of the Tokyo Motor Show. Singapore, too. But the rest? Well, not so much, so we got to looking up these public transportation systems on the Internet.

Google is fine, but YouTube is the perfect platform to refer to for a topic like this. There are a ton of commuting videos on there from sightseeing tourists and experienced locals alike. Below are video breakdowns and tours of 10 of the more prominent public transportation systems you guys shared with us:

1) Tokyo, Japan

2) Hong Kong

3) Melbourne, Australia

4) Amsterdam, the Netherlands

5) Singapore

6) Taipei, Taiwan

7) Seoul, South Korea

8) Switzerland

9) Germany

10) Denmark

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