The Tamiya LandFreeder Quadtrack is an RC pickup that can tackle any surface

PHOTO: Tamiya

Getting an RC truck to jump a hastily constructed mound on a beach is nice and all, but if you’re looking for outright go-anywhere capability, something like this might be better suited.

What is it? It’s the LandFreeder Quadtrack. This beast is made by Tamiya and is basically an ’80s remote-controlled pickup truck that runs on four tracks instead of wheels. It’s 1:10 in scale, is built on the toy manufacturer’s TT-02FT chassis, and can drive on pretty much any surface.

Tamiya recently uploaded a video of its new LandFreedr demonstrating its driving chops off the beaten path. You can watch it slide down mounds of sand, tackle steep inclines, and even kick up some snow in the footage below.

Watch the Tamiya LandFreeder Quadtrack in action:

No details on performance have been made known, and the vehicle doesn’t appear to be listed on Tamiya’s website just yet. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, either, but considering the regular LandFreeder minus the tracks costs $278 (around P13,300) in the US, you might want to start saving up for Christmas 2021 as early as now.

The only downside we can see here is that the tracks are likely going to be more difficult to maintain than regular tires. Santa, if you’re out there, know we’re trying our darndest to be good this year.

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PHOTO: Tamiya
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