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In Thailand, the Toyota Hilux GR Sport can be had as a low-riding pickup

PHOTO: Toyota

Pickups are usually associated with a high ride, off-road capability, and workhorse mentality. In Thailand, though? There’s a little more to trucks over there than you think.

Take the Toyota Hilux GR Sport that’s just been launched there, for example. Buyers in Thailand will be happy to know that the release features some performance alterations as well—or at least changes that alter the truck’s performance rather than add to it.

This is because aside from a high-riding unit clad in GR accessories, the brand is also offering the Hilux GR Sport as a 2WD low rider equipped with blacked-out 17-inch alloy wheels. Interesting.

Other add-ons to this version of the vehicle include some GR badging and decals, a shark’s fin antenna, a more aggressive face, and a sporty new rear bumper.

If ground clearance is important to you, the Hilux GR Sport that doesn’t have to come to a crawl over humps comes with 4x4 capability, a rear sports bar, 18-inch alloy wheels with red brake calipers, wheel arch decorations, as well as GR badging and decals. Inside, all GR Sport units also get GR badging on the steering wheels as well as red contrast stitching.   

Both units are powered by a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine capable of 201hp and 500Nm of torque, so no changes here. But yeah, a low-riding Hilux GR Sport—they must have some pretty decent roads over there, we guess. Any takers here in the Philippines, though?

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PHOTO: Toyota
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