An electric BMW M car will land sometime this year

It will be the M division’s first electric model
by Vijay Pattni | Jan 21, 2021

Inevitable, yes, but also really quite big news. BMW M has confirmed that it intends to present an “electrically powered performance automobile for the first time” later in 2021. Which likely means you’re staring at the very pointy, electrified end of an M Performance-badged BMW i4, or even the iNext crossover—two electric cars it’s okay to get excited about.

Announcing a record year of sales for M cars in 2020, the big boss of BMW’s performance arm Markus Flasch is apparently looking forward to “presenting a completely new manifestation of the distinctive M feeling.”

At the time of the i4’s 2020 launch, BMW said its 523hp powertrain ranked it “alongside a current BMW V8.” Indeed, the i4 uses BMW’s Generation 5 electrical system, and is capable of 0-100kph in 4sec with a range of just over 595km.

BMW M division to launch electric performance car

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Plus, it promises to be good to drive, too. What trickery M has up its sleeve to make it even pointier, then, is an intriguing prospect. Watch out Tesla Model 3 and company.

BMW M special edition in the horizon

The news of an electrified M car fits into BMW’s new strategy of ‘power of choice,’ for which, read: any Series, any powertrain you want. Also, there’ll be yet more M car choice the following year. Because in 2022, BMW M celebrates its 50th anniversary, and nothing screams car anniversary like ‘special edition.’

“If I mention the keyword special edition models,” said Flasch, “it should be clear what our customers can look forward to during the anniversary year.”

So, decision time: M440i or Mi4?

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