Honda Cars Philippines' supply not affected by Japan earthquake

Business as usual
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Mar 16, 2011 Philippine Car News - Honda Cars Philippines not affected by Japan earthquake

Honda Motors may have temporarily ceased operations in Japan but Honda Cars Philippines is assuring customers that they have nothing to fear.

"We import most of our parts from Thailand so the earthquake in Japan won't affect our local supplies," Honda Cars president Hiroshi Shimizu told "Some parts we do get from Japan but Honda's other production facilities in the region are prepared to take up the slack."

Honda Motors suspended production in Japan to assess the effects of the March 11 earthquake.

"Honda Motors has a team that readily assesses the company's operations whenever a crisis like what happened in Japan occurs. The team did the same thing after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and also after Typhoon Ondoy hit Manila," said Honda Cars' vehicle sales and corporate communications chief Voltaire Gonzales in a separate interview.

Gonzales added that one of the measures implemented by this team was to temporarily divert the production of some of the vehicles and components from Japan to Thailand.

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"The Civic and the City are assembled in the Philippines so there's no problem with the supplies of these two models," Gonzales said.

The Jazz, CR-V and Accord all imported from Thailand.

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