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Toyota now lets farmers in Brazil trade in their crops for a brand-new Hilux or Fortuner

An interesting payment option
PHOTO: Carlo Chungunco

When it comes to buying cars, flexibility is king. No responsible customer wants to put themselves in a bind financially, and as a result, dealerships are constantly throwing in option after option via special financing plans, cash discounts, and even trade-in incentives.

Toyota Brazil has been taking this mindset one step further. Over there, customers can trade in crops like soybeans and corn for a brand-new Hilux, Corolla Cross, or Fortuner (known over there as the SW4).        

This is what we call innovation. The program is called Toyota Barter and is already available in nine Brazilian states. Basically, the carmaker accepts the crops as payment based on their market value and weight. The brand also verifies the sustainability of customers’ grains, ensuring buyers have the proper environmental certifications.

It’s a great way to draw in more customers, especially considering that 16% of the brand’s sales in Brazil come from the Agribusiness sector.

“Toyota Barter started as a pilot project in 2019, therefore, it is the first sales channel in Brazil to accept grain when buying a car,” José Luis Rincon Bruno, Toyota Brazil direct sales manager, said in a statement.

“Now, we have the opportunity to make this facility official for agribusiness and expand Toyota’s presence and make an important contribution to this, which is one of the main economic sectors in our country.”

Interesting. Given the importance of the agricultural sector here in the Philippines, do you think a setup like this could work locally? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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PHOTO: Carlo Chungunco
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