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Ford PH offering customers free checkup and rebates this rainy season

Better safe than sorry, right?

Ford ride out the storm promo

Class suspensions, heavy traffic, flooded roads, storm after storm just waiting to enter the Philippine area of responsibility--we think it's pretty safe to say that the rainy season has officially arrived. Ford Philippines, in an effort to make the unrelenting weather just a little bit more bearable, has launched its "Ride Out The Storm" service promo.

Ford customers and vehicle owners can avail of a free extensive vehicle check, a free bottle of windshield cleaner, and a free multipoint inspection to find out which car parts could use a little tweaking to better cope with the rainy season. Cash-paying customers can also avail of rebates on tires, brake systems, wipers and bulbs among others. The promo is until September 30.

Ford Philippines director of customer service Margo Delfinado emphasized the manufacturer's initiative in keeping its customers safe and prepared during the stormy season. "Safety remains to be a top priority for us at Ford," she said in a statement. "While we can’t predict rain, we can help our customers keep safe on the road during the rainy season, and this service campaign will help ensure that."

The promo is available at the following Ford branches:

* Ford Balintawak

* Ford Batangas

* Ford Bohol

* Ford Cabanatuan

* Ford Cagayan de Oro

* Ford Cainta

* Ford Cavite

* Ford Cebu

* Ford Commonwealth

* Ford Dagupan

* Ford Davao

* Ford General Santos

* Ford Global City

* Ford Ilocos Norte

* Ford Iloilo

* Ford Isabela

* Ford Laguna


* Ford Libis

* Ford Makati

* Ford Manila

* Ford Manila Bay

* Ford Pampanga

* Ford Quezon Avenue

* Ford Subic

* Ford Tarlac

If you're a Ford owner, we suggest you bring your vehicle in for a checkup. It's free. And after all, you never know what to expect driving in inclement weather--it's always better to be safe than sorry. Now, as to whether or not your new plates will hold up, we don't think Ford can come up with a quick fix for that.


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