Toyota is top carmaker in global brand value evaluation

Based on Interbrand study
Oct 6, 2011


Toyota has been named as the top carmaker on Interbrand\'s list of the top 100 most valuable global brands for 2011, beating more illustrious carmakers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Toyota may have taken a beating last year with its spate of recalls due to the sudden unintended acceleration issue, which have been blamed on sticky pedals and trapped floor mats. However, it was the Japanese carmaker\'s resiliency in two very different situations that kept its status as Interbrand\'s top carmaker.

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\"Toyota exhibited great resiliency by increasing its brand value six percent. Even though Toyota faced both an internal crisis (lack of quality control in 2010) and an external crisis (Japan\'s earthquake in early 2011), the company forged ahead by focusing on safety and quality, modifying its leadership structure and capitalizing on its world-renown green efforts,\" Interbrand said in a statement.

Interbrand credits Toyota\'s continued success to the change in its leadership structure, its creation of a new internal reporting system and its focus on quality and safety as the factors that helped the carmaker retain its reputation for outstanding quality control. Interbrand also pointed out Toyota\'s continuing push of its Prius models and its Hybrid Synergy technology corresponds with consumer’s current priorities of low-consumption and sustainability.

At No. 11 and with a brand value of $27,764 million, Toyota is the top carmaker on Interbrand\'s ranking of the 100 best global brands. In 2010, Toyota dropped to 11th place, two places down from its ranking in 2009. The other carmakers that made it to the list are Mercedes-Benz at No. 12, BMW at No. 15, Honda at No. 19, Volkswagen at No. 47, Ford at No. 50, Audi at No. 59, Hyundai at No. 61, Porsche at No. 72, Nissan at No. 90 and Ferrari at No. 99.

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Interbrand is a brand consultancy firm that produces its Best Global Brands report utilizing a unique methodology that analyzes three key aspects that contribute to a brand\'s value: its financial performance of the branded products or services, the role of brand in the purchase decision process and the strength of the brand to continue to secure earnings for its company.

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