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It’s going to be part of Nissan’s display
The cast of the Fast and Furious film franchise aren't all just pretending to be gear heads. Some of them are legitimately in love with their cars.Paul Walker was the most obvious car lover of the bunch, and Ludacris is
It’s as pristine as vintage cars get
Vintage cars, more often than not, go in either of two directions after decades of existence: a full-blown restoration or a restomod. This mint-condition 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I, however, went through neither of those."But how come it looks
Meet the UK team who does restomods right
Old sports cars are cool. Compared with most modern fast things they seem impossibly tiny, slim-pillared, and delicate. They say volumes more about your character than any casually bought modern lump, have an air of romance and style that cares little
“If we wanted something, we had to earn it”
The best rides aren't judged by price tag, badge, or the number of horses under the hood, but by the person behind the wheel and the amount of work that went into owning the vehicle.A person can own the rarest
“It doesn’t come across like a restomod—it feels like an optimization”
The city of Bradford does not, generally, come top of the list when you think about automotive startups. It might have the best Industrial Museum in West Yorkshire, operate a bang-up-to-date National Science and Media museum, and do a
It literally had to be pulled out of there
We're told that this Datsun 280Z, before it was all matte and blue and new, was literally "pulled out of the owner's living room" in Germany. Literally. The windows of the house had to be taken out.From there, the
When cars and drivers are meant to be
Gerald Hidalgo has been in the car restoration and repair business for 18 years, but his love for cars go much, much further back. It all started 30 years ago, when his uncle Odie Vergara gave him a drive in a Datsun
It's called, well, redi-Go
In 2012, Nissan fans rejoiced when the Japanese carmaker announced that its longtime nameplate, Datsun, would return to the motoring scene. Unlike the Datsun that many of us grew up with, however, the new brand was more of a budget badge that
The Datsun 240Z in the metal
In all my years writing stories for our magazine's Old School section, I had never asked to drive any of the featured cars. That is, until this one came along. You see, the Datsun 240Z (or the Nissan Fairlady, as it
Nissan PH looking to bring in Datsun
Remember Datsun? It will be available in the Philippines next year.That's right: The Japanese marque, which is backed by Nissan, is due to arrive in our market in the next 12 months, according to Nissan Philippines president Toti Zara. In
Fondly called Mr. K by colleagues and fans
The word out of Yokohama, Japan, is that Yutaka Katayama, the first president of Nissan Motor Company's US division and also the widely recognized father of the Nissan/Datsun Z sports car, has passed away at the age of 105. The
As car's structure collapses in test
If you've been praying for the Datsun Go to reach our shores, this bit of news might douse your desire with cold water. In the recent Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP) report, the Go received a zero-star safety
Makes the 86 or the Genesis Coupe look lame
From Nissan's Instagram account. Follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram.
Called on-Do and mi-Do
Datsun has unveiled at the ongoing Moscow International Auto Salon its two new models for the Russian market: the on-Do sedan and the mi-Do hatchback.The on-Do's design is dominated by Datsun's signature D-cut grille. Flanking
An MPV version of the Go hatchback
Nissan has revealed the second model its revived Datsun brand will carry. It\'s the Go+, which unsurprisingly is based on the Go hatchback that was presented in India in July.\"With the return of the Datsun brand, we are changing mobility,\"
To go on sale in 2014
Nearly two months after the newly resurrected Datsun brand revealed its first all-new model in the Go, Nissan\'s sub-brand has revealed that it will unveil its second new model in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 17.Developed locally and specifically
Small hatchback for emerging markets
Just two weeks after the design sketches of the all-new Datsun vehicle appeared, Nissan has finally launched it as the Datsun Go.Taking its name from the very first Datsun car launched nearly a century ago--known as the Dat-Go--
To be premiered this month in India
In March 2012, Nissan Motor Company announced that it was reviving the Datsun brand, with chief executive Carlos Ghosn stating that \"Datsun is going to be a global brand with a local product.\"That revival plan is almost complete, with the Japanese
It is an expression of individuality
It is an expression of individuality, if you want it to be. Last month's old-school feature was quite special. The 1991 Nissan Sunny pickup that belongs to Richard Opiana is one hell of a show car. In fact, I followed
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