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The Ford Bronco Riptide is making us miss the beach

With this, no beach is out of reach

From the get-go, the Ford Bronco looked like a vehicle that was primed for some pretty adventurous modifications. And true enough, it didn’t take long for builders to get to work.

There were some pretty gnarly ones at last year’s Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) show, and beasts like Hennessey’s 405hp take on the SUV and this 6x6 monstrosity by Maxlider Brothers Customs.

This one? It’s not as heavy when it comes to the horses, but is still a relatively adventurous proposition nonetheless. Assembled by Ford itself with some help from the aftermarket scene, the Bronco Riptide is a go-anywhere off-roader with sandy shores and ocean air in mind.

Ford says the vehicle is “designed for spontaneous outdoor adventures,” and it shows. The SUV’s standard roof is gone, and its stock doors have been swapped with tubular ones to give occupants a legitimate open-air feel. There’s a surfboard rack up top to cater to the wave-hungry, while 35-inch mud-terrain tires slapped onto 17-inch wheels should provide the traction necessary to tackle slippery surfaces.

Other add-ons include aftermarket LED lightbars and mirror-mounted lights, a high-clearance suspension with Bilstein shocks, a Velocity Blue exterior to build on the SUV’s beach-going vibe, and durable marine-grade seats and rubberized flooring for easy clean-up.

As we said, the Riptide isn’t heavy on the horses. Underneath its hood is Ford’s stock 2.7-liter EcoBoost capable of 330hp and 563Nm of torque—which is already perfectly capable of getting to most places, if we’re being honest.

Like it? Ford calls the Riptide a ‘project car’ but says these accessories will be available to owners as dealer add-ons. Beach bums, you know what to do.

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