Best of YouTube: Does a four-cylinder engine take away the Mustang’s essence?

They still pack a lot of power
by Lije Martin | Feb 28, 2020

Does a four-cylinder engine take away the Mustang’s essence?

Some fans of the Ford Mustang believe that it isn’t a ‘real Mustang if it doesn’t have a V8 engine, referring to the four-cylinder EcoBoost version Ford has in its lineup. Scotty Kilmer thinks this isn’t the case, and he also shares his thoughts on the newer straight-four Mustangs.

The annual RWB Car Meet in Tokyo

The annual RWB Porsche car meet in Tokyo is a bucket-list-worthy trip for anyone who’s into Japanese car culture.

The ‘Super Cooper S’

This project Mini Cooper, called the ‘Super Cooper S,’ takes the original car’s go-kart feel to a whole new level with rear-wheel drive and a rear-mounted supercharged V6 engine making 500hp.

How to make ’90s cars more enjoyable without messing with the engine

You still see a lot of ’90s Japanese sedans driving around todayCivics, Corollas, Lancers, and Sentras, to name a few Filipino favorites. While an engine upgrade seems like the go-to modification, these cars prove that you can enhance the ’90s driving experience without touching the engine.

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Common misconceptions about air suspension

If you’re looking for new aftermarket suspension for your ride and you have some money to spare, why not check out air suspension?

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